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Beekeeping Resources

Two bees on flower

 The Buzz on Beekeeping: A Guide to Bringing Up Bees in Your Own Backyard  

Honeybee landing at hive

 The Top 10 Mistakes Most Newbie Beekeepers Make  

Beekeeping Equipment

Essential Gear, Tools, and Supplies for the Home-Based Beekeeper  


Making a Beehive – Plans and Instructions on How to Build Your Own Beehive  

Bee Smoker

Beekeeping 101: Learn How to Use the Bee Smoker 

Honey and Honeybees on comb

 How Do You Harvest Honey?  

Bee hives in snow

 Tips for Beekeeping in Cold Climates  


Hive Increase – How to Increase Bees in the Hive

Dead bees at hive entrance

Assessing a pile of dead bees: what happened? 

Bee on flower

 Flowers That Attract Bees and Butterflies to Your Garden. Special thanks to Natalie and the "Green is Love" Conservation Organization